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David Shore, my dad has been battling pulmonary fibrosis (a degenerative lung disease) for 3 years now, his disease causes his lungs to overtime turn into scar tissue, and as we all know scar tissue does not stretch well and in order to breathe your lungs need to stretch.

There is no determined cause of this disease other than it is genetic and can run in families. There is also no determined cure for this disease other than a lung transplant. He is now working on being added to a transplant list for two new lungs by fundraising and benefits.

Within the past year he has been hospitalized 7 times including once when his lung collapsed. The other 6 hospitalizations were for liver-related illness that were caused by a weak liver due to medicine that he was given within the second year of his diagnosis.

He is now also working to be on a liver-transplant list. He and my mom have been traveling back and forth to Duke University Medical Center for evaluations for the transplants.

They have estimated that the transplants (two new lungs and a liver) may not be necessary for about 2-5 years, but they have also explained to us that if he were to become sick and his immune system weakened that his Meld score (the way they determine the health of your liver) would drop and that he would be in need of a liver transplant immediately.

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When he is ready for a liver transplant they will also be giving him two new lungs within the same surgery. We know that one liver costs $470,000, we are expecting that this price will triple when he also receives two lungs.

My parents will also be living within a few miles from Duke University Medical Center for 30 days (minimum) following the transplants so that the doctors can make sure that his body is accepting these new organs.

All of this is going to be very costly and stressful, but my family is very thankful that my dad has the opportunity to have this life saving surgery.

We will be having many fund-raisers in the near future so we can raise enough money to be eligible for a transplant (we must reach a goal of $40,000 to be considered for the transplant) Now that you know what is going on with my dad I would like to ask you to pray for his health and our family as we go through this difficult time.